About Us


ai Global Consultancy is a government registered firm, a genuine and legal entity, registered with Chandigarh administration. It is specially named after the Lord “SAI”, to provide its customers a blissful life ahead. Sai Global has its representatives abroad. It is an International Corporation, specializing in Global Settlement solutions and International Education Services. It operates through its affiliated offices in different countries around the world & provides Immigration services to clients from around the world. It has overseas office in Toronto and Edmonton.

The Organization was established with the aim of providing right solutions for those interested in immigrating or studying abroad. The main focus of the company is to assist applicants to immigrate to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Singapore & parts of Europe.

Sai Global not only prepares the files and forms, but indeed prepares the applicants to face the realities of interviews and aim to land successfully overseas in their destination country.

We have following verticals in Sai Global:

1. Immigration to Developed Countries
a. Skilled Immigration
The most genuine and authentic method to gain an entry in a country is through the Skilled Visa. Under this category an individual is invited by a country to live and work in the country. This is mainly undertaken to fulfill two purposes; to populate the less populated regions of the country and also to invite the entry of skilled migrants to contribute towards the economy of the country. Entry of skilled immigrants on a large basis is a smart move by the Government Officials of various countries. This legal entry is a smart move as this populates the country and that too only with skilled professionals, thereby ensuring that each individual is skilled and employed and self sufficient. Different regions face a shortage of different skilled professionals at different levels.

On inviting these skilled professionals, the country grows in both economic terms which also are an apparent boost to the overall development of the nation. Skilled professionals are educated and skilled; this increases the rate of literacy and economic growth of the country rapidly. In order to maintain the constant inflow of skilled professionals, every region offers these skilled professionals with various benefits that encourage them to stay and continue contributing towards the economy of the country. Skilled professionals can take their families along with them and enjoy the many benefits of a permanent resident and apply for the citizenship after a certain period of time. They can attain entry into a country purely on the basis of their skills, or nomination or sponsorship.

b. Business Immigration
2. International Education

3. International Visit

1. Immigration to Developed Countries

For immigration applicants, owing to our honest and meticulous appraisal, we are now rated as a reputed house of immigration consultants for permanent residency. As a result we are being flooded with telephonic and personal inquiries from a wide range of prospective applicants.

2. International Education

For Students, our consultancy offers evaluation and assessment services, presenting a free and frank analysis for the applicants, before opting for the course of studies and the Universities or Colleges in which to study. We take a collective view of the real motivation of the candidate, his commitment to higher studies, the financial back ground and other factors influencing the applicant’s choice.

3. International Visit

We expertise in Single and Multiple visas for Canada, Australia, New Zealand & USA. Sai Global assists the applicants with genuine guidance, Superior profiles preparation, support letters through foreign consultants, Itinerary preparation, Hotel confirmations and ticket bookings. This not only improves the chances of applicant approvals but also helps the applicant though out his journey abroad without any hassles.

Our team of Consultants collects requisite documents, prepares the case files, submits and follows up the procedural work. We keep abreast of the norms and conditions for residency and student admissions to various courses in reputed Institutions in various countries.

The Directors- Mr. Parul Sood, Mr. D.K. Ghai of Sai Global are reputed personalities & are instrumental in securing visas for those who come to seek the Sai Global’s assistance. General Manager Mr. Subeg Singh Bhamra is quite phenomenal in the success of Sai Global. His enriched experience and extensive knowledge puts him in great stead with in the immigration community.

One of the directors of the firm has its own furnished building, located centrally in the heart of the city- Union Territory – Chandigarh, where the Head Office is located.

Head Office:
#1, Sector-21 A, Chandigarh
Opposite Aroma Hotel.
The counseling office is equipped with most modern facilities and with the state-of-art communication network to enable efficient and result oriented services. Our staff consist of dynamic and dedicated coordinators who are highly focused professionals with extensive experience at senior levels in Immigration and global resettlement.
They understand the needs of prospective Immigrants as well as the requirement of respective Governments. We not only guide you in regards to different opportunities available in foreign country but also assist you through entire process of applying for Immigration to the final settlement abroad.
We deal in all categories of immigration be it Skilled Workers, Business Immigration, Student visas, Family category, Appeals and all other immigration matters. We understand that immigrating to any country can offer people a superior quality of life as well as the freedom to pursue personal & professional goals that might not be otherwise available to them in the countries in which they presently reside.
Change is a part of life and we may see it as a challenge or an obstacle. But at “Sai Global” we are positive and believe in “endless possibilities” in whatever endeavor our applicants pursue.
Our Mission within the community is to provide continuing service that will exceed ones expectation and fulfill their dreams as they begin their new and exciting life in their country of choice.
Need some help in getting to your destination?
Call us on +91 90410 68379 or email info@saiglobal.org and we will process your file on a priority basis. There is dedicated staff working day and night on these urgent categories – so call us and we will assist you in getting you to your destination.