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We deal in all categories of immigration be it Skilled Workers, Business Immigration, Student visas, Family category and all other immigration matters. We understand that immigrating to any country can offer people a superior quality of life as well as the freedom to pursue personal & professional goals that might not be otherwise available to them in the countries in which they presently reside.

For Students, our consultancy offers evaluation and assessment services, presenting a free and frank analysis for the applicants, before opting for the course of studies and the Universities or Colleges in which to study. We take a collective view of the real motivation of the candidate, his commitment to higher studies, the financial back ground and other factors influencing the applicant’s choice.


We expertise in Single and Multiple visas for Canada, Australia, New Zealand & USA. Sai Global assists the applicants with genuine guidance, Superior profiles preparation, support letters through foreign consultants, Itinerary preparation, Hotel confirmations and ticket bookings. This not only improves the chances of applicant approvals but also helps the applicant though out his journey abroad without any hassles.


Our firm assists businessmen and investors (High Net-worth Individuals/HNIs), residing in any part of the world, willing to make an investment in a foreign country and at the same time wanting to obtain residency/permanent immigration of that country. In today’s global economy, immigration by investment, also known as Business Immigration Visa, has become one of the most sought after visa for the developed countries


The most genuine and authentic method to gain an entry in a country is through the Skilled Visa. Under this category an individual is invited by a country to live and work in the country. This is mainly undertaken to fulfill two purposes; to populate the less populated regions of the country and also to invite the entry of skilled migrants to contribute towards the economy of the country.


About Sai Global!

Sai Global Consultancy is a government registered firm, a genuine and legal entity, registered with Chandigarh administration. It is specially named after the Lord “SAI”, to provide its customers a blissful life ahead. Sai Global has its representatives abroad. It is an International Corporation, specializing in Global Settlement solutions and International Education Services. It operates through its affiliated offices in different countries around the world & provides Immigration services to clients from around the world. It has overseas office in Toronto and Edmonton.

The Organization was established with the aim of providing right solutions for those interested in immigrating or studying abroad. The main focus of the company is to assist applicants to immigrate to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Singapore & parts of Europe.

Sai Global not only prepares the files and forms, but indeed prepares the applicants to face the realities of interviews and aim to land successfully overseas in their destination country.

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